I Wanna Be There Already

This planning, paying and preparing are getting to me. I am ready to be on a plane and landing in my first stop: Lusaka, Zambia.


15 thoughts on “I Wanna Be There Already

  1. Ah, Sue, such a perfect first entry for you. I’ll be tracking your every move–isn’t that a comfort? No blog-o-sphere pressure from moi. Au revoir, have a wonderful trip. All my love et bisous(remember your le fran├žais.)

  2. Leslie says:

    Thanks Sue! I want more, more and more! Plus I want photos too. Just teasing. I’m just thrilled that I will get to take a peak into your adventure and hear your voice through your words. Anxiously awaiting more blogs!

  3. Steve-O Champagne says:

    Hi SueStein: Looking forward to more missives and hope that in addition to everything else you are doing, you get to hear/dance to some great African music on your journey. Love, Steve

  4. Arline Saturdayborn says:

    Dear and wonderful Sue,

    Please put me on your list. I am thrilled for you and love thinking about you in .Africa. Know you are in my heart
    Big hugs arline.

  5. Heidi Jo L'Heureux says:

    I miss you Sue Stein. I miss your scent . I always knew when you were near because I could always smell your lovely perfume. But as much as I miss you I am so excited and happy for you to take this journey. So take it all in as I know you will, and have the best time of your life. Sending big hugs from way back home.
    Heidi L’Heureux xo

    • My Dear Heidi,
      You have made me tear up. Thank you for writing such lovely, lovely words and for your support. Keep the hugs coming and tell Angel to save some fish chowder for me next time she makes it. I miss you too!

  6. leslie abrons says:

    Sue, thank you for sharing your journey. You write beautifully, sharing the essence of your experience! Lovely photos! I look forward to following your adventure through your posts! Much love to you!

    leslie a

    • Leslie!! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! It is wonderful to know you are here with me! Love to you and all of your family!!
      Can’t wait for our next walk!

  7. jemal says:

    Dear sue, so exited 2 follow u, i know u r the best and also i am waiting u to write about Ethiopia i’m gone miss u

    • I miss you too Jemal. I ended up not getting home yesterday due to technical difficulties on plane and am in Amsterdam right now waiting for flight to Boston. I am working on blog for Ethiopia right now but am not sure I will be able to do it justice….we’re we just in Axum 2 weeks ago? Miss you!

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